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"Palin claims Alaska 'produces nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy.' That's not true.

Alaska did produce 14 percent of all the oil from U.S. wells last year, but that's a far cry from all the 'energy' produced in the U.S.

Alaska's share of domestic energy production was 3.5 percent, according to the official figures kept by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

And if by 'supply' Palin meant all the energy consumed in the U.S., and not just produced here, then Alaska's production accounted for only 2.4 percent."


I sure hope Obama gets his a$$ in gear and stops letting these people get away with public bald faced lies. The media is impotent in the face of it.

Almerica Blog: Podcaster rejeceted because it duplicates iTunes functionality:

"That's right folks, it duplicates the functionality of the desktop version of iTunes. Therefore, it was denied from sale in the app store. "

(Via Almerica Blog.)

Apple better wake up before it sees a repeat of the 90's. Idiot move. Big time.

A Product Transition: Giving MacBooks the iPhone Touch — RoughlyDrafted Magazine:

"That gives Apple the opportunity to blow away users with a feature that would clearly differentiate its mobile line for years, more closely associate its Macs with the iPhone brand, and jump from today’s 8 to 10% of the US market to a figure closer to 30% within just a year. We already know Apple has 66% of the consumer-oriented retail market for machines above $1000 in the US; why not take the rest?"

(Via RoughlyDrafted Magazine.)

The idea is crazy enough to be true.

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