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Ballmer Embarrasses Himself (Again)

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The Associated Press: With Windows 7 and new designs, PCs looking better:

"Microsoft has more to contend with than computers running other operating systems. People have begun to use such gadgets as the iPhone as tiny mobile computers.

But Ballmer scorns the idea that smart phones could unseat PCs as the technology of choice for on-the-go consumers.

'Let's face it, the Internet was designed for the PC. The Internet is not designed for the iPhone,' Ballmer said. 'That's why they've got 75,000 applications — they're all trying to make the Internet look decent on the iPhone.'"

(Via Google News.)

Now that's so stupid, I'm embarrassed for him.

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All the Logic You Can Muster That Is

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Mac sales 'defy all logic,' says analyst | Mac | Macworld:

"Apple could grab more market share if it lowered prices, but O’Donnell wasn't holding his breath. ‘The talk on the street is a $799 notebook,’ he said, referring to persistent rumors that Apple will introduce a lower-priced MacBook this year. ‘But I don’t think they care about prices. They’re all about making profit.’"

(Via MacWorld.)

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Snitches Get Stitches

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USB Standards Group: Okay for Apple's iTunes to Block Palm Pre | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD:

"But the USB-IF didn’t quite see things that way. ‘In the view of the USB-IF, Palm’s allegation (if true) does not establish that Apple is using its Vendor ID (VID) contrary to the USB-IF’s policies,’ the group said. ‘Therefore, under present USB-IF policies, the USB-IF does not consider the alleged use, without more, to be ‘improper.’’

Ugly news for Palm, and it only gets worse–because the USB-IF goes on to suggest that Palm itself is violating its Membership Agreement by using Apple’s vendor ID number to disguise the Pre as an Apple device."

(Via Digital Daily.)


AppleInsider | Palm Pre beats expectations, drops WiMo to focus on WebOS:

"Part of that strategy involves dumping any distractions, including both the company's original Palm OS and the Windows Mobile partnership that Palm forged with Microsoft in 2006, a year before Rubinstein arrived. Palm's support for Windows Mobile helped nearly double Microsoft's market share at the time."

(Via Apple Insider.)

I really hope this works out for them. WebOS looks mad cool.

A New Outlook on Office

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Microsoft: Next Mac Office due late 2010 with Outlook | Business Center | Macworld:

"However, Apple’s next version of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, will include native support for Exchange Server when it’s released next month, which means business users can connect to Exchange data via Apple's built-in Mail, iCal, and Address Book applications. With this move imminent, Microsoft’s inclusion of Outlook in Office for Mac at the end of next year might be too little, too late, he said."

(Via Macworld.)

Competition is magic.

How to Not to Take Privacy Seriously

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Palm Pre debacle highlights location privacy issues | Security | iPhone Central | Macworld:

"On Wednesday mobile application developer Joey Hess wrote in his blog that the Pre periodically uploads location data to Palm. He was widely quoted, and the information left some readers upset."

(Via Macworld.)


Why 2009 is like 1984

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Daring Fireball:

"Apple censored an English dictionary.

A dictionary. A reference book. For words contained in all reasonable dictionaries. For words contained in dictionaries that are used every day in elementary school libraries and classrooms."

(Via Daring Fireball.)

This is completely shocking and disgusting from a company that I am a huge fan of.

The problem is there seems to be nothing that really can be done. Apple is in full control. Customers are oblivious to the problem. All they see is the censored dictionary. Developers have few levers on Apple. If they don't play along, they have no alternatives. Apple control the entire game from start to finish. This is what happens when one party has too much control. It's abused.

To be fair, this probably the product of a boneheaded approval process rather than some dystopian plot to control our minds, but still. I feel like it's Fahrenheit 451 or 1984, pun intended.

AppleInsider | Steve Ballmer calls Apple's Mac growth a "rounding error":

"'And are the ads working?' he asked rhetorically. 'In an independent survey, we asked 18- to 24-year-olds—or they were asked, 'Who offers the best value, Apple or Microsoft?' You can kind of see Apple was comfortably ahead despite the fact they — well, despite whatever the facts are. Our ads started in April of '09. You can see kind of what the perception changes have been so far.'"

(Via AppleInsider.)

And that's when you know Microsoft is speaking out of both sides of its mouth. Apple is beating them despite the ads. In other words, people don't believe the hype.

AT&T iPhone customers: tethering is coming, for a price:

"It won't be coming cheaply, however; appmodo's source says a tethering option will cost AT&T customers a whopping $55 a month."

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog.)

This is what happens when you hand monopoly power to a company. Sooner or later this bad will spill over to Apple. Can't wait until 2010 when their exclusive deal expires.

Daring Fireball: Palm Saturday

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Daring Fireball: Palm Saturday:

"So while the comparisons between the Pre and iPhone are obvious and inevitable, I think the Pre stands a much stronger chance of stealing customers away from RIM than from Apple. For as good as the Pre is, and I’m convinced it is excellent, it just doesn’t have much to offer that would sway someone considering an iPhone. But for someone considering a BlackBerry, the Pre might look very sweet: a big bright screen, a beautiful modern user interface design, a kick-ass mobile web browser, and, yes, a hardware keyboard. The Pre is the BlackBerry Bold done right."

(Via Daring Fireball.)