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Yes, United We Can Stand

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Dipdive: A friend called him America's Mandela. I agree. Yeah, I said it! will.i.am is a hell of an artist.

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B.E.T. Honors

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For much of the network's life, I have not been a big fan of it's social impact. Far too many booties shakin', gangstas, and not enough positive images or ideas. But as of late, I've seen some pretty good programming. The kind of stuff the community has been clamoring for years despite Bob Johnson. This program is a great example of what I hope to be a mainstay of the network. If it doesn't, we can always watch more of the Boondocks!

You Go Cheap; You Get Cheap

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I recently bought an external drive for my MacBook Air and ran into some issues not with the new drive but a drive I purchased 8 months ago. The vendor was not the cheapest but with experience has proven to be the most value. Why? I was able to call for an RMA, get an advance replacement for the older drive sent to me, and send me software that I didn't even buy. I had made an equivalent purchase to a bundle that included the software. They agreed to mail it to me at no cost. This kind of treatment is well worth the couple of bucks I pay more per item. That "cost" provides me value far in excess of what I paid.