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Cheney: House is undermining the troops - Yahoo! News:

"Cheney called it a myth that 'one can support the troops without giving them the tools and reinforcements they need to carry out their mission.'"

(Via Yahoo! News.)

I agree. Providing body armor at the outset of the war would have been nice. Funding proper medical facilities for the wounded after they've sacrificed limb. They went to war with "the army you have." And this is when the administration had a blank check. Actually, this administration has done far more to undermine the troops than the hand-wringing, rubber-for-backbone Dems have ever done. But then again, what else should we expect from a Dick whose every prediction turns out to be wrong?

Why I'm not a Conservative

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Facts. They are a show stopper! Ignorance mixed with a touch of condescension and a complete lack of self-knowledge make for a very strong common pattern among these so-called conservatives: they come off like sophomoric fools. The recent interview by Jon Stewart of John Bolton on a recent episode of The Daily Show is a grand example of this common pattern. Bolton's comment, "[Officials in the administration] should be judged on their performance," is particularly poignant. By that standard alone, Bush's presidency is a near-complete failure. (To those who think that the lack of a major terrorist attack in the US is proof of competence, I have one word: Katrina.)

Bolton interview (about 9 minutes):

And the recap setting the record straight (about 5 minutes):

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." --Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Real Hip Hop

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"Age don't count in the booth when ya flow stay submerged in the fountain of youth." --Rakim Allah

What is Hip-Hop

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I was asked recently what I thought was the state of hip-hop today. I felt inspired:

Hip-hop is an art form that in classic African style, unites the word and the drum. It lives on in the hearts and minds of the true heads. You, me, that white girl with the nipple rings that knows every word spit by Talib Kweli, that Korean cat in Seoul who memorized every one of Rakim's joints. It is alive and well and forms the nucleus of an entire urban culture to which you and I take part. Rhymes, skills, things of that nature...

Now that segment of the music industry (as opposed to art) often misnamed "hip-hop" and confused with the art form is a pimp game with large corporations as the pimps, "artists" as the whores ("This is Why I'm Hot"), and the music buying public as the johns. It too is alive and well and with some hubris purports to BE the former. Don't get it twisted...

Make your next move, your best move. ;-)