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Microsoft Out of Sync

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I'm greatly disappointed by the incredibly slow pace that Microsoft's Macintosh division is developing updates to its handheld sync conduit for the newer Palm PIM applications. Obviously PalmOne or PalmSource or whoever updated these apps to conform to Outlook/Entourage's calendar, contacts, and task formats. We, loyal Microsoft customers all, should not have to deal with substandard support for so long? My goodness, this isn't rocket science. Even more ridiculous is the fact that Microsoft supports the Palm and not the PocketPC!

I think it would be wise and profitable for Microsoft to simply license the database API to as many vendors as those who wish to pay. I suspect they've already done this with the PocketMac folken. Mark/space would be the obvious next candidate. It's not MBD's core business, but it sure makes Office more valuable. Being able to sync with a multitude of handheld devices actually enhances their ability to charge for Office!

C'mon Microsoft. Get In Sync.

New rules prevent Tom DeLay from having to step down as majority leader if he is indicted in an investigation in Texas. [The New York Times > Home Page]

This from the party that cried bloody murder over Clinton. Hypocrisy incarnate. This should embarrass all conservatives who have a shred of integrity.