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The "Rule of Faith"

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**UPDATE 4/12** *Fixed some typos and language errors.*

My personal Christian faith has been an evolving one over the space of years, as I try to clarify the "rule of faith" by which I live. Fellow Christians often asked me, "What is your standard?" Here I give a brief discussion to answer this important question.

All of my understanding of the Early Church Fathers stems from the role of the "primitive," "catholic," and "apostolic" tradition that was seen to be the "rule of faith" for orthodoxy and how it developed. It mightily influenced the Canon of the New Testament and other Christian doctrines. In fact, the central authority claim of the Roman Catholic Church that raised me is centered on an unbroken succession of apostolic authority in the church. It's even in its creed: "...we believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church..." This tradition locates genuine Christian authority in Peter and the Apostles whom Christ charged with authority in the Gospel of John.

Copy Right

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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is far more trouble than it's worth. On the one hand, I can understand the entertainment industry's desire to preserve its business model. It would be foolish to expect otherwise, but the subsequent costs to society are dire. The unintended consequences of this act are the lawsuits that threaten to turn copyright into monopoly and the infringement of personal and community rights especially fair use and free speech.

Marriage of Convenience

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Lately I've been in a sort of funk. What I've been reading in the news is disturbing and frightening. The latest round of affronts on personal freedoms have had me feeling greatly saddened about my country and the value for which I believe it stands. America is about tolerance, or so I thought until "my" president sought an amendment to the constitution that would essentially define a group of second class citizens, much like it did to slaves by classifying them as 3/5 of a person.